Thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your marketing efforts. Our response rates are amongst the highest in the industry. We look forward to showing you results. Have a great day.

  1. Payment: The first step in completing this transaction is the reception of payment and signed invoice and the broadcast order form:  As soon as we receive your billing information including name, company, address, phone, fax, and the volume of email to be delivered we will send you an invoice for your marketing  campaign. Simply email this information to the following link, including the words contact info in your subject line.  Please indicate if you would like us to build your html email message and charge you for a creative fee or if you will be sending us a creative that you have had built.

    Accepted forms of payments

    • Check via mail: mail all payments to The Right List 20A Northwest Blvd #290 Nashua, NH 03063. For time sensitive campaign you can over night the signed invoice and check using our federal express account number 144255224  
    • Money order: Payment address and FedEx number applies as above.
    • Check by fax: Is the quickest and most popular payment option. If you choose to pay via check by fax simply follow the easy instructions on the form that you can down load by clicking on the following hyperlink. Click here for payment via fax. 
    • Money Wire: Please email us a request for our bank information if you prefer to pay via a money wire.

    For those who are buying data we will email your data in any specified format. In the case of a high volume order we can send you a link to download your data from an FTP site.


  2. Creation of the broadcast order form:  Once we have received the signed invoice and payment we will put together your broadcast order form. To complete your broadcast order form we will need know the following: The subject lines on the email message. The “from line” for the email message. And email addresses that the test campaigns will be sent to. At this point if we are not building the creative we will need you to send us one of your own.
  3. Next we will begin testing the creative and send it to the email address that you provided for testing purposes.
  4. Approval: Once you receive the test and decide that you are happy. You must send us an email stating that you approved the test and you are ready for launch.
  5. Launch: We will not just blast out your campaign at high speeds. The only way to ensure you email is going to be reached by all of the major ISP’s that have a throttle cap (amount of email the server excepts per hour) is to send your campaign out over the course of 2 days.
  6. Tracking: We will send you tracking and analysis on the delivered email, opened email, and links that were clicked through to reach your site. 

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your landing page does not have any media within. This includes flash, video and audio. High traffic to a page with media will cause a bottleneck effect dramatically slowing down the load time of your site. It may even cause errors opening the page.

Sample tracking from a campaign we completed