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Creative Services

The challenge to get through filters and algorithms has become a serious headache for many companies. An algorithm is a code set up on a potential customer’s email client. These codes will prohibit email to be delivered to an email box. It may be trigger words, colors, links, broadcast time, amount of html code and amount of syntax errors in the subject line or creative that prohibits the email from getting to the inbox. Our creative and IT teams are professionals that know exactly how to set up an email creative. TRL uses cutting edge custom software that checks and grades the deliverability of each creative. With this software we have the ability to make all of the necessary adjustments to ensure your email will get delivered.

At The Right List, we’ve seen firsthand how marketing-driven creatives provide our clients huge breakthroughs in response, doubling or tripling response rates, increased order sizes, and longer customer retention. Creatives like these aren’t just words and pictures... it can only work when based on a solid marketing strategy. Today you have a lot of creative options; it is difficult to know which variation will deliver the best results. Our team will work with you to deliver the right level of creative and interaction for the message you want to send. The Right List’s creative services team knows how to produce the optimal balance of response-oriented copy and creative elements to engage the reader, increase click-through rates, and convert them to purchase. We work with websites of all types, and we are eager and ready to bring you on as a valued client. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

List Management

We can market your list through a combination of direct mail, personal sales calls and web marketing. If you have a data list, email list, mailing list, customer list and/or prospect list, it can represent a significant source of income for your organization. The Right List can function as your exclusive agent and representative to the direct mail industry and help you realize the full earning potential of your list. Any company with Opt-In Email, postal or telemarketing lists of customers, attendees, subscribers or prospects can monetize these lists and reap competitive advantages by offering them for rental or exchange. As your list manager, we are responsible for the professional representation of a list, and the integrated process of marketing, promoting and direct selling of those lists to the network of list brokers and direct mailers. Our goal is to ensure maximum usage of your list while protecting the integrity of your house mailings. We rely on our extensive contacts within the industry and research on new markets to accomplish this goal.

A well-maintained list, in conjunction with a secure and controlled marketing program can provide list owners with substantial revenues!

we can do:

1) Advertising in Agency compile, Salesvantage, SRDS (Standard Rates and Data Service), and many other industry publications to broaden the industry's awareness of your list rental files.

2) Promote your list by sending a data card to over 3000 targeted to list brokers and major mailers.

3) Telemarketing efforts through our network of list brokerage contacts. These efforts will result in day to day feedback from users of your lists which will increase the effectiveness of other sales efforts and lead directly to increased list revenue for you.

4) Actively engage in a high volume of daily Sales calls to seek new buyers for your list.

5) Promote your list on our high traffic website reaching millions of potential buyers through proven marketing techniques.

Web Design and Development

On the internet, you have 9 seconds to make a positive impression.

That's the average amount of time people spend on a site's home page before browsing away to a new location. Our job is to make sure that those nine seconds stretch into 90 minutes of time spent visiting and browsing your site. We create custom web sites for our clients. We believe that each client is unique and so are their business demands. We understand your needs and goals and we create a web site solution to best serve you and your business.

Many companies seek to maximize their exposure on the Internet through the use of paid advertising and search engine optimization. While you can optimize a web site for results after the fact, we have found it more effective to design and program a web site for search engine optimization from the start. The Right List’s web services are dedicated to the creation of attractive, fast-loading, automated web site designs that are both intuitive and easy to use. When our clients hire us, they receive a prompt and courteous service. Combine our customer satisfaction with web sites that provide pleasing and eye-catching visual appearance, flawless programming and all the features necessary for success and you will see why The Right List is second to none. We offer you a highly sophisticated set of functions to meet your technical desires, wrapped in an attractive graphical environment which will attract and retain customers. Below is a few of the many services we provide.

  • Shopping Cart Systems (e-commerce)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Flash Movie Animation
  • Domain Name Registration (.com)
  • Email Account Setup
  • Custom logo design
  • Event Flyer/Flyer design
  • Custom Submit Forms (for questionnaires or comments)

Increase your Web Ranking

Current studies on search engines report that about 85% of Internet users use a search engine once a day and if they don't find what they're looking for on the first two pages more than 50% will abandon the search.

More than ever at The Right List we discover that a lot of web sites and web pages fail in the search engine “ranking race” simply because of bad keyword or key phrase optimization. Some search query optimization may have been done at one time or another but was either done incorrectly or some of the keywords used daily have changed over time. By definition, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the science and art of achieving higher visibility across today’s most important search engines. Such visibility needs to be delivered to the users on a carefully selected and pre-identified list of highly relevant keywords and key phrases to be really effective. The current bid for the keyword “timeshare” is over $3. In a sense, this is equal to $3 for a lead that is not a guaranteed conversion. Continue reading for further information on Keywords and the many other techniques we can use to optimize your web ranking.

Link to other Sites

Link tracking allows you to identify and choose possible sites that you will want as link partners once your site is content-rich and optimized. We can put you on a link network that will connect you to an extensive amount of other sites.

Number of Homepage Listings

 We can put a script on your webpage that will automatically set your page as the home page to who ever clicks on it. This script can be removed immediately after the broadcast. What this will do is boost your rankings and increase your sales. Let’s say you transmitted an email broadcast to 10 million consumers and you got a .05% open rate. 500,000 consumers who have looked at your page that may have decided not to purchase your product/service at that time will see you page again. This might be enough to push them off the fence. This will ultimately increase your conversion rate by .0005 which could result in 500 more sales.

Number of Bookmarks

I would only use this script during an email broadcast. An automatic bookmark script will provide a spot for masses of consumers to refer back to you in the future. This will also spike your site ranking. When your site is ranked higher it performs better in search engine marketing. A year from now a consumer may look in their favorite places folder and click on your site, which could result in more sales.

Keyword Analysis

  • We evaluate the keywords you submit to us to determine your niche on the Internet
  • These words are then analyzed to see if they're actually searched upon
  • Keyword phrases are tested for popularity
  • Keyword phrases are tested for competitiveness
  • We will analyze your keyword density. To see how soon and often your keywords are used on your main page
  • Misspellings, plurals, tenses and other variations of your keyword phrases are evaluated
  • We develop a small set of keywords (up to 100 keywords) for your site based upon the above
  • Optimized title is created using your keyword/keyword phrases
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