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Targeted Opt-in Email Broadcasting

Bulk email is a very effective tool for reaching large audiences (whether the focus is on Business to Business or Business to Consumer) we can handle all of your marketing needs. We utilize the newest technologies to broadcast campaigns to our subscribers efficiently and accurately. As a leader in this growing electronic marketing industry, we provide our clients with millions of the highest quality double opt-in email recipients. You can expect powerful, advanced email marketing that delivers targeted, relevant information to your customers & contacts. Our detailed tracking system allows you to see exactly how your campaign is progressing.

There are many variables that come into play when creating prominent ROI’s. The result of a successful email campaign depends on the subject line, the creative, the offer and the timing. We have devoted unparalleled research and analysis towards each of these variables. Through trial and error we have perfected the art of developing the most effective/successful marketing campaigns to date.

The number one most important element for any email campaign is deliverability. There are numerous organizations that make email deliverability very difficult.

In the process to protect their clients from real junk mail, some email clients and Email Service Providers end up blocking legitimate mail so marketing firms may have hurdles to overcome to reach an inbox. The challenge to get through filters and algorithms has become a serious headache for many companies. An algorithm is a code set up on a potential customer’s email client. These codes will prohibit email to be delivered to an email box. It may be trigger words, colors, links, broadcast time, amount of html code and amount of syntax errors in the subject line or creative that prohibits the email from getting to the inbox. Our creative and IT teams are professionals that know exactly how to set up an email creative. TRL uses cutting edge custom software that checks and grades the deliverability of each creative. With this software we have the ability to make all of the necessary adjustments to ensure your email will be delivered.

Subject line:

Many of the popular email clients will render your email messages from line and subject line differently. We will use a tool to preview what your message will look like in various email clients. This tool allows me to guarantee there will be no hang-ups due to subject lines.


If you use HTML in your messages, we can make sure your code is error-free and follows W3C HTML guidelines. We will use HTML validation in your email application. We will also use software that will combat "false positives" by checking your message for red flags before we send it.  Don't worry if your creative may have trigger words or phrases to raise a red flag, We can input 3-7 non-trigger alternatives to choose from. We are white listed with all of the major ISP’s which enables us to get mass volumes of email to the recipient.


Life-changing events—like a move to a new home, a recent marriage, the birth of a baby and starting a new business represent examples of how critical timing can be to a marketing strategy. Research has shown that these types of events often trigger purchasing sprees as people adapt to new stages in their lives. We have identified the critical time to market each and every industry. Quarter, Day and Time are critical in executing a successful marketing campaign, let us help you eliminate the mistakes of others.


We can guarantee that all of the email we are contracted to send will be delivered.

Quality of Data:

All of our data is double confirmed opt-in (most of our competition has a combination of opt-in, opt-out, and co-registration data.). We are 100% can-spam compliant. We are registered with the DMA, and we follow the most stringent guidelines to maintain our reputation. Bad data comes from offers that are incentivised; people are not going to give us their contact information to win a free I-pod. Bad data may also come from pre-checked boxes. Consumers may not see the pre-checked box that will confirm the consumer as an additional opt-in. Our consumer base must check a box to receive any third party offers. We will not sell bad data.

Data Pricing:

We own all of our data so we control the pricing. We can adjust pricing to meet your business model.

Level of Targeting:

We have over 180 million email addresses and over 200 million postal addresses. Many companies out there have very large databases; however, they can only offer general data. We take it a step further by sending out internal surveys to everyone within our data base asking them to fill out questionnaires. The data we receive enables us to break our lists down to over 150 attributes. If any of our clients want to target a particular market we can handle it. If we do not have the list you are looking for we can queue your question in our next survey. TRL will also receive valuable customer demographics and lifestyle interests from various magazine subscriptions, tradeshow attendee lists and association membership lists.

Click here to see a list of our popular target selects

The Right List Marketing will:

  • Query and Compile an email address count on our extensive email database to the specific list that meets your requirements.

  • Design an HTML message or “Creative” to send out to your potential customers on the list.

  • Send you the draft and await your written final approval of the email marketing message.

  • Broadcast the email message on the specific date and time that you set.

  • Generate double-digit response rates using multiple media channels.

  • Provide qualified leads that result in timely, persistent follow-up and closure.

  • Increases customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

  • Foster digital relationships.

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