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Direct Mail Lists

Direct mail is still one of the most responsive marketing channels to reach potential customers. Because more than half of all adults prefer receiving ad materials through the mail 76% of mail is opened. For those who choose to open offers in the mail 34% say they would respond to direct mail online. Business-to-business marketers boost their direct mail spending each year. By 2007 the predicted growth in spending is $24.5 billion, which is almost five times the amount spent in the US in 2004. The Right List offers the most targeted, deliverable and responsive direct mail campaigns on the market.

Inquiries will be sent detailed statistics for the requested list.
(See sample below)

  • List type: Business to Business
  • List volume: 94,587
  • Last update: There will never data updated more than two week prior to sale.
  • File Format: Excel, Text, CSV, Tab delimited, wk4, dbf4
  • Target: Biotech/Pharmaceutical Companies 
  • Target = geographic location NY 
  • Minimum order: 50,000 records
  • List Frequency: Semi-exclusive
  • Cost per thousand:  Base price $35CPM
  • Discount Available: :  New vendor discount


We subject all of our data to an extensive screening and verification process that will:

  • Guarantee that each direct mail piece will be delivered to the Delivery Point and not “Returned To Sender” due to “No Such Number”.
  • Confirm ZIP + 4 coded records actually exist and are a valid Delivery Point, right down to the Suite, Unit or Apartment number.
  • Eliminate costly duplicates.
  • Use the USPS supplied data of over 151 million records, to confirm that an address is actually a deliverable destination.
  • Decease Screen

Click here to see some of the popular postal and email selects we offer.

Business to Consumer Lists

The Right List offers the most complete marketing lists available; our consumers file contains more than 180,000,000 individuals. Marketing to the right group of people can improve your results up to 300%. When choosing a mailing list, we must first identify your best customer. What is their age, income level, ethnicity, geographic location, etc? Then identify your "perfect" customer, select mailing lists which match your perfect customer profile. What are their interests? Do they like the Outdoors, gadgets, wine, gambling, sports, crafts, shopping online, etc? Our B2C lists are compiled from a multitude of membership and subscription sources, our lists are the most attribute specific lists available today. We have an enormous compilation of contacts from over 3,000 sources that assist us in the gathering of specific and effective list.

Business to Business Lists

Included among these responsive business mailing lists are subscribers to industry specific publications, attendees to conferences and expos, and consumers attained by surveys of key worldwide business executives. Respondents have opted-in to receive additional information on products and services for their business. Our B2B lists can be targeted via job titles and professions including C-Level executives, lawyers, accountants, recruiters, doctors, marketing executives, technical professionals, retail decision makers, etc.

The Right List's National Business Database is a must have for companies choosing to mail business to business offers. Our database contains every business and executive in America. Our Retail Company list includes those of all sizes and all industries such as apparel, food, electronics, furniture, automobiles, hardware, toys, general merchandise, jewelry, restaurants and many more. Our lists are comprised of the top decision makers, e.g., owners and managers. The Right List also manages the complete list of association executives, over 29,000 to be more precise.

Our business to business lists contains a great number of targeted selects.  Selects for a particular list may include:

  • SIC Code
  • NAICS Code
  • Title
  • Additional Contacts
  • Number of Staff
  • Phone1/Phone 2/Fax
  • Years, in Business
  • Full Postal
  • Annual Sales
  • Industry
  • Subsidiary/ Non-Subsidiary
  • Franchises/Chains
  • Competition
  • Corporation/ Partnership/ Sole Proprietorship


Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing is a powerful marketing tool. It is the only form of advertisement that demands an immediate response. Unlike most marketing solutions telemarketing leads are interactive, you can talk to a live person and answer any questions, comments or concerns. You can double your response rate with a combined mailing and telemarketing campaign. We have one of the largest telemarketing databases available and can target just about anyone you can imagine. Telemarketing leads allow you to qualify prospects using a series of questions designed to provide you with valuable customer information.  We have the ability to match phone numbers against our database to provide you with additional target selects. At The Right List we scrub all of our telemarketing lists against the Do Not Call list. And for LESS than a penny per name you can have your list scrubbed to meet all current government requirements. Ask us about a targeted telemarketing list today.

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